Context of Catalogue of valuable autograph letters, literary manuscripts and historical documents, comprising the collection of the late Henry Wreford, of Capri ... : correspondence of William Huskisson, the statesman, the property of Cecil Cowper, Esq. J. P.; .. correspondence of Dr. William Lloyd, non-juring Bishop of Norwish, with Archbishop Sancroft and Bishop Ken, the property of Col. H. D. Williams, of Lichfield; ... important letters of John Locke, the philosopher, and the original version of his treatise 'On education', the property of Col. E. C. A. Sanford, C.M.G.; ... an early draft by George Meredith of portions of 'The amazing marriage', the property of Mrs. Katherine S. West; ... magnificent manuscripts of Robert Burns, the property of the Misses Young, of Lincluden House, Dumfries ... : which will be sold by auction, by Messrs. Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge ... on Monday, the 28th of July, 1913