Context of Report of court proceedings in the case of the anti-soviet "bloc of Rights and Trotskyites": : heard before the Military collegium of the Supreme court of the U.S.S.R., Moscow, March 2-13, 1938, in re: N.I. Bukharin, A.I. Rykov, G.G. Yagoda, N.N. Krestinsky, K.G. Rakovsky, A.P. Rosengoltz, V.I. Ivanov, M.A. Chernov, G.F. Grinko, I.A. Zelensky, S.A. Bessonov, A. Ikramov, F. Khodjayev, V.F. Sharangovich, P.T. Zubarev, P.P. Bulvanov, L.G. Levin, D.D. Pletnev, I.N. Kazakov, V.A. Maximov-Dikovsky, P.P. Kryuchkov charged with crimes covered by articles 58(1a), 58(2), 58(7), 58(8), 58(9), and 58(11) of the Criminal code of the R.S.F.S.R., and Ivanov, Zelensky and Zubarev, in addition, with crimes covered by article 58(13) of the Criminal code of the R.S.F.S.R. Verbatim report